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Welcome to the world of Ayahuasca family and its users. Here you can find all the relevant information About Us. What we do? Who we are? Why we sell Ayahuasca? Where you can find us? We also cover the uses and advantages of Ayahuasca and its effect on human body. How you can prepare the decoction from Ayahuasca vine. Hence we provide all the information About Us and Ayahuasca.

We are proud to be the pioneers in promoting and selling Ayahuasca to different parts of the world. We took this magic medicine out from the rainforests of Amazon and make it easy for people to use and gain maximum benefits from it. The easiest way to tell people About Us and increase the noise level was to create a website that gives all the information About Us and Ayahuasca plant in detail. The web users can also find details on all the major online shopping links. We dedicate this website to Ayahuasca brew because of its magical healing powers. By reading you will also come to know the method of preparing brew, the active components present in Ayahuasca, different ways of using it and the effects it can produce. We suggest going through all minor information very carefully so that you can trust us without any doubts and enable us to provide the best services we have. This website will help in telling you all about our activities. We suggest you to look at this website scan the interviews of users, gain knowledge about the experiences of people who have trusted us in using Ayahuasca potion manufactured by us. If you are new and plan to use the decoction for the first time, we suggest reading the introduction About Us and then proceeding further.

The reason to put this information about Ayahuasca was promoting its beneficial effects that can be easily gained using brew prepared by crushing and boiling the stems of the plant in water, the resultant mixture rich in alkaloidal compounds is than mixed with extracts from other plants of different families. In certain cases the Ayahuasca extract is used alone. The alkaloids present in bark are the activity producing agents, they have hallucinogenic properties, and they are strong purgatives that clear the bowel from parasites. It is also used to treat depression, anxiety and other psychotic disorders. The center of action for these alkaloids is the Central Nervous System and they act as Mono Amino Oxidase Inhibitors, they either reduce its levels or destroy it by a reversible process. These properties make it a magical potion which has spiritual healing powers. The use of Ayahuasca has been recorded over 5000 years ago by the natives of Amazon and surrounding areas. They treat it as a holy plant and it's a main part of their religious ceremonies.

It's all About Us and the great Ayahuasca. Feel free to contact us by an email, call or fax in case to acquire further information because our customers are most important, and their satisfaction is the top priority. To know more click on Contact Us.