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Ayahuasca Experience: Exploring Ethno botanicals

McKain - A close friend of mine recently developed interest in ethno botanicals and he kept telling me all about various herbs. It was like as if there was nothing else to talk about. However, one herb which really caught my attention was Ayahuasca. I thought of giving myself the Ayahuasca Experience, thus, i told my friend to score me some of it. Though, most of the work of preparing and arranging for ayahuasca was undertaken by him, while i laid back and gave myself the best ayahuasca experience. My friend made a tea, which he called Ayahuasca Tea, and within half a cup, i could feel it work. My initial Ayahuasca Experience was quite unpleasant, as it tasted quite bitter, however, once it started doing it magic, i almost forgot about the bitter taste. The best way to summarize my experience would be by saying that it took to into a state of trance. Into a new world, where I was free from all worries, I was a free soul. A world i have dreamt about for years. Sadly, once its effects neutralized and my Ayahuasca experience came to an end, i was back in the same loathing world again!

Taylor Steve - It has been almost 7 months since i had my first ayahuasca experience, however, i still remember the excitement as if it was just yesterday that i gulped down a cup of Ayahuasca Tea. One thing which i would like to mention to all the people who are afraid of trying it, it is not at all addictive. Though, i was very careful to consume Ayahuasca in the beginning, but with the passage of time, I realized that all the ayahuasca experience stories of people about it acting as a natural medicine for healing and spiritual purposes is one hundred and ten per cent true. My personal experience has been quite fascinating. It has drastically helped me overcome depression, and at times various ordinary illnesses too. I would urge every single person to at least try it once in their life!

Becky Adam - Honestly, my first ayahuasca experience was pretty horrific. I wasn't aware of any proper Ayahausca recipe and ended up making a huge mess of my investment. However, I didn't lose hope and continued my search. Not only did I managed to find tested and 'non- copy/pasted' recipes, but i got to benefit from an amazing spiritual experience. Once I used to proper quantities, I could feel its magic beginning to work. Within thirty odd minutes, I was in a new world. It was as if my soul has transported out of my body into a different world- A world where there were no worries, burdens or problems of any sort. It has deeply helped me overcome stress and depression at times. I am still amazed as to how can the United States of America ban such an amazing herb. I thoroughly respect it for its rich background and ability to spiritually heal a person.