Ayahuasca Tea


Ayahuasca Tea

A first timer's guide to consume Ayahuasca Tea

One of the most common ways of consuming Ayahuasca is thorough Ayahuasca Tea. There are many different recipes which are used around the world for consuming Ayahuasca, but the idea of consuming it as Ayahuasca Tea was presented by the Amazonian natives of Peru.

There are many websites which can effectively guide you regarding the various preparation ideas, hence you can look into them and pick the one which suits you the best. However, the hard part is not the preparation of Ayahuasca Tea, but consuming it, or as it is widely pictured by the masses. It is only when one consumes Ayahuasca Tea for the first time they understand that it is not even half as bad as they were told it might be. However, no matter what i, or any one says about Ayahuasca Tea, first timers would always be afraid to consume it. Hence, there a few steps, which if they follows accordingly, then they shall have no worries.

These steps have been personally developed by me- Courtesy, my own loathsome experience of gulping down bitter cups of Ayahuasca Tea. However, i will be more than happy to ensure that others have a pleasant experience. So, here it goes. Firstly, if you are consuming Ayahuasca Tea for the very first time, then it is recommended that you take less than normal dose. For example, if you had to drink two cups, then start off by drinking one cup. This way, you would be able to monitor the reaction of the first dose. If it seems to work out fine - That is if you don't puke, then you shall go on to consume the other glass and complete your dose. However, once you are used to drinking Ayahuasca Tea, then you may take the complete dose together.

Secondly, I would advise you to keep a glass of sweet and fresh juice. This would largely help you in neutralizing the bitter taste of Ayahuasca Tea. You may use any other drink apart from juice, however, what should be important is that it should contain a strong flavour. If not, then the drink wouldn't do any good in neutralizing the bitter taste, whereas it would only make you more frustrated. Moreover, the use of mouth freshener, toffee, chocolate or even chewing gums is advised to counter the bitter taste.

All of this should be done to ensure that you do not puke. One of the biggest reason why Ayahuasca Tea fail to have any effect on first timers is because they puke all of it out. Hence, this way, the body doesn't get an opportunity to absorb Ayahuasca Tea, thus results in no, or negligible effects. One factor which motivated me the very first time i consumed Ayahuasca Tea, and still motivates me, is the fact that Ayahuasca Tea has far deep benefits. It has been rigorously used for many years as a natural medicine for healing and other spiritual purposes, and rightly so, as it has helped me keep healthy for all these years!