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Ayawaska - The Drink Of The Gods

Most westerners specially people from western Europe are unaware of several remedies that are at the moment floating in places around the world that are not developed or in some cases, considered to be lost civilizations such as the tropical rain forests of South America that hosts several ancient cultures and his home to the indigenous tribes of the Americas who were the first settlers in the new world. Among, them they have several mystical remedies for diseases that modern medical science consider serious diseases and their have been cases when the local shaman of the indigenous have cured people of diseases that are considered to be incurable by many. Among these mystical and powerful drink is a concoction that is made out of herbal products found only in the tropical rain forests of South America is the Ayawaska.

This Ayawaska is something that is used in heavy quantity by all indigenous tribes of South America in particularly in Brazil, Argentina, Bolivia and Costa Rica. This drink is composed of Banisteriopsis spp, vine, usually mixed with the leaves of dimethyltryptamine-containing species of shrubs from the Psychotria genus and other herbs that are found naturally in the rain forests of South America. Ayawaska is considered to be a holy drink and is usually used as a sacrament for religious purposes due to the fact that it is composed of plants and Mother Nature in the pantheistic outset of South America is considered to be holy in nature. In the west, its usefulness is relatively less known as very few people use it but it can be said without any shadow of doubt that many people have come back from severe illnesses thanks to this mystical Ayawaska. Ayawaska is something that directly affects your immunity in a positive manner and rejuvenates your senses such as clear sight and a feeling of rebirth that helps you to recover from your illnesses early than usual while it also helps you to focus on your tasks. This is why it is often preferred by the locals who are used to the rough and tough environment of the jungle in which you are bound to contract several disease and illness such as pneumonia, typhoid, dengue, flu and other illnesses. Ayawaska helps you to recover from different illnesses and diseases early while at the same time, makes your immunity strong in order to repel any other diseases from getting near you.

It is only in the last few years that people in the western world are now getting to know about Ayawaska which is indeed a drink that is credited by the locals as something that grants divinity in a sense that it helps you to repel diseases and helps you to recover from any if you at times do contract them by chances. Ayawaska has indeed no side effects as it one hundered percent herbal that makes it much more effective and less hazardous than any other drug that claims to have similar properties. The locals have been using this drink for health religious purpose since antiquity and certainly are a living example of the effectiveness of Ayawaska.