Slippery Elm


Slippery Elm

Slippery Elm - The Unknown Cure

Slippery elm is one of the most highly effective herbs in the word if not the most. It is one of the most potent medicines to deal with serious issues like acid reflux and stomach ulcer. It is surprising to know that of many people are aware of this medicine. The writer of this article himself was amazed when introduced to its many uses and benefits and hopes that this article will help people to benefit from this herb.

Slippery elm has been used for centuries by Native Americans to heal their wounds. Then it was also used by the early European settlers who paid special attention to this plant and used it as a cure for coughs, sore throats, heart burn and other digestion issues. It was also used a diet. Nowadays, people spend a lot of money to purchase tablets and syrups to rid themselves of the problems listed above. You will be surprised to know to what extent this herb can reduce your medical bill! Some of these tablets and medicines do not cure the problem; they just provide temporary relief so that you remained hooked on those drugs. But slippery elm is not only relatively inexpensive, it highly effective as well.

Slippery elm works wonders when used both internally and externally. This herb is highly effective because of its mucilage. This a soothing mass that is created when the bark of the elm is wet. Students of botany would refer to slippery elm as "Ulmus fulva" and the mucilage is usually taken from trees which are atleast a decade old. This coating can be applied to any wound on the skin, be it cuts or burns. And there is no count of the diseases and problems within the body that this medicine can potently cure. To list a few, you have acid reflux, stomach ulcer (already mentioned above), Flatulence, Dysentery, Asthma, Chronic Constipation, Gangrenous wounds and sores, Pneumonia, Bronchitis, problems with urination, poison Ivy, Acne, skin eruptions (boils, carbuncles, abscesses etc) and the list continues! Moreover, as stated previously, slippery elm can also be used for dietary purposes. This will be beneficial for those people who are experiencing a treatment and require foods that can be digested easily. You can even drink slippery elm in the form of tea. The tea packages are available in most food and health stores so you can find them easily.

All this information shows how useful and beneficial slippery elm is. Come to think of it, apart from chronic illnesses that require hospitalization, this plant is the solution to almost all problems that occur both within and on the human body. It can serve as a one step solution to your daily digestive problems (which are only some of its uses) and rid you of the hassle of purchasing dozens of medicines and making sure that you take them on time. It will also save the costs of occasional visits to the doctors and their prescriptions. This can affect the medical practitioner's income, and I think this is one reason why most people don't talk about the uses of slippery elm.