What is Ayahuasca?


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In the field of ethnobotany, there are actually plants which have been around for hundreds of years and have been used to put an individual in a state of trance or alternate state of mind. In general, these plants have been classified as psychoactive substances since they can cross the blood brain barrier to alter one's mood, behavior and cognition. Because of such effects, shamans have also utilized these plants to help them complete spiritual journeys. One of the most popular decoctions of these herbal medicinal plants is Ayahuasca.

Originating from the history-rich Amazon, Ayahuasca is actually made up of several plants including the Banisteriopsis vine and Psychotria. Preparing it is simple since you only need to boil all plant ingredients. The concoction is popular for use in certain rites and religious ceremonies. Of course, many have claimed its effectiveness and have sworn it has healed them spiritually. As long as you know how to use it without abusing it, Ayahuasca is the natural treatment for certain psychological and emotional problems.

The Benefits of Ayahuasca

As a psychoactive drug, Ayahuasca can promote an alternate state of mind without causing damage to your brain. This is perhaps the reason why it is a staple among shamans in the Amazons as it can put a person in a trance state, allowing the person to open up his spirit and mind without difficulties. Considering this, you should bit be surprised why Ayahuasca is thought to be ideal for use in spiritual cleansing. It can easily rid your mind of personal baggage and even open up your spirit so you can let go of the past pains and hurts, which might be weighing you down without you knowing it.

As a recreational drug, Ayahuasca is safe and considered to be legal in many countries since it is usually classified as herbal medicine. Some users have warned against the potency of this decoction and it is advised you have someone with you in case you suffer from some hallucinations. Some users also experience vomiting so you need to try a smaller amount to see if you also suffer from said side effect.

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